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Villa Zandoli is located at Kölnische Straße 78, in a tree lined, residential district with original German houses. The Villa has a large, sunny backyard and ample parking out front.
The house was built in 1889 and therefore there isn't an elevator.
The rooms of the hotel are in the 1. and 2. floor, so they are not disable-adapted.
Downtown, with all its Museums and designated Exhibit Halls, is easily reached by foot, as well is the Central Train station, also known as Kulturbahnhof.
You may reach all other favorite tourist attractions by using Kassel’s reliable and safe public transportation system.

Easily accessible by streetcar or bus is Kassel’s beautiful “Bergpark” (above town) with its many hiking trails, the Castle Wilhelmshohe, the Hercules and the Congress palace.
The towns many distinct Universities have public transportation stops.
The towns Culture-, Disco and Bar scene can be comfortably reached as well (see town).