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Kassel with its almost 200.000 population has a lot to offer:
  • Many Museums make Kassel an Art Mecca for tourists at all times not only during the Documenta.
  • Kassels Universities draw about 21.500 students into town.
  • Along with the well-known “Staatstheater” comes a culturally enhanced scene ranging from summer concerts in the “Kulturzelt” to an open air cinema and many small performing art centers through-out town.
    Filmladen mit Gloria, Bali
        und Open-air-Kino


  • Kassel has always been known for its fun filled night life. Depending what makes it fun; you can sit in a small neighborhood corner bar or seek out well known, large Scene-establishments. Many music bars offer live music performance,s by local and world renewed musicians. If that’s not enough, you can dance the night away in one of the many Discos or in “Gleis 1” at the “Kulturbahnhof”.
    Gleis 1

    Kassel erleben
    1100 Jahre Kassel
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